Alice Ruet

Alice Ruet

Alice Ruet

Research and development engineer IFCE

I am currently working as a research and development engineer on the topic of equine welfare at IFCE and within the CEB team. I conduct applied research projects on equine welfare in relation to housing and uses of animals. I also participate in spreading scientific knowledge through the writing of articles, conferences, podcasts, specialised press articles etc. I give training courses for all audiences. Finally, I also take part in expertise work at national and European level and I am a member of expert networks such as the CNR BEA, the ANSES animal health, food and welfare thematic steering committee and the RMT One welfare.


Alice Ruet
UMR Physiologie de la Reproduction & des Comportements
Centre INRAE Val-de-Loire
37380 Nouzilly

Phone: 33 (0)2 47 42 77 81


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